Great Work Montessori School; Lakewood, CO; YCC Assistant Teacher Opening

Great Work Montessori School is a public charter school with a sliding scale tuition preschool. We are located in a brand new building designed by Montessorians just west of Denver, Colorado, currently serving children from birth through 5th grade and increasing a grade each year.  Our mission is to support every child in becoming a joyful and courageous agent of peace, builder of community and creator of justice and beauty.

Location: Great Work Montessori School, 5300 West Center Avenue, Lakewood, CO

Position: Young Children’s Community Assistant

Hours: Part-time, 11am-4:30pm

Responsibilities: Assist children with toileting, lunch, nap time, and afternoon snack routines set up by the guide.  In addition, sanitizing materials and help with maintaining order of the prepared environment.


Karey Lontz