Assistants to Infancy Tuition Fees and Schedule

Application Fee if paid before April 15, 2018

Application Fee if paid after April 15, 2018



Full Course Tuition

(Tuition is subject to change)


(Refundable before May 15, 2018)

AMI Membership (per summer)($95 non-US Students) $75
Examination Fee $200
MACTE Fee $200

Payment Process:

*The $500 deposit is due upon acceptance to hold your place.  It is refundable until May 15, 2018, should the student choose to withdraw from the course. The deposit is applied to the first summer course tuition.

* Tuition is due as follows:

  • $6,500 tuition by June 1, 2018
  • $3,800 tuition by June 1, 2019

* The MACTE fee is due by June 1 of the first summer. MACTE is the Montessori Accreditation Counsel for Teacher Education.

* The examination fee is due by June 1 of the second summer.

* TMI payment options are available.

* Financial aid (Stafford Loan) is available for students enrolling simultaneously in the Loyola University program.

* Accepted TMI students may apply for the MES scholarship. For more information go to

* It is recommended to budget approximately $700 for supplies and books.

* International students, please contact about payment options.

Primary Tuition and Fee Schedule

Our Primary teacher training program is currently on sabbatical.