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MariaWorking in a Montessori environment is unlike traditional teaching. The Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) training courses prepare adults to help children by following their natural rhythms, interests, and developmental needs. The preparation is rich, complex, and interesting. The work is satisfying – and joyful.

AMI was established in 1929 by Dr. Maria Montessori and was guided for more than 50 years by her son and close collaborator, Mario Montessori. AMI is now directed by an international board and supported by distinguished scholars and statesmen worldwide.

AMI is the reliable authority on authentic Montessori theory and is the coordinating agency for growth and development of valid Montessori practice. AMI presently directs studies in affiliated training institutions throughout the world.

The AMI Montessori diploma is awarded only by AMI-recognized training centers, which must meet rigorous standards in both content and extensively trained and experienced staff. The Montessori Institute of Denver is proud to be an AMI-recognized training center.

TMI warmly welcomes students from around the globe. With this in mind, simultaneous translation equipment is available for any one language for which a group of students provides a translator. Students from Asia, Europe, and Latin America have worked successfully in translation at The Montessori Institute – and have enriched our community.